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We are a Digital Transformation and Strategy Consulting Organization:

transforming companies for improved consumer experience.

What we do?

We drive Digital Transformation through Strategy, Data, Marketing, ecommerce and Gamification. We implement technology to improve customer experience and run business like a digital leader.

As a Consulting Organization, we assess where a company is today —and where it wants to go. We help you identify the most optimised strategy for driving profitable revenue, help identify and deploy digital solutions to achieve growth and assist running the consumer connect programs to agreed upon objectives and deliverables.

With extensive Digital business experience and consulting capability we help scale your business faster and more efficiently.

We create digital agendas
around 4 core areas…

How to convert more for less?

Customer Acquisition

We help drive high quality customers at reduced media wastage to drive better conversions and accomplish ROI goals.

Programmatic Advertising

At Kurate Max DSP, we run campaigns on our programmatic platform by providing the best value and ROI through 100% transparency.

Data Automation & Smart Campaign Management

“One Platform. Many workloads. No silos.”

Unify your data warehouses, data lakes, and other siloed data to manage campaigns and automate reports.

Customer Cohorts can be created with personalized insights to drive targeted and personalised Marketing Automation.

The smart campaign management solution helps in improving lead conversion, measures real-time campaign impact and provides actionable insights to improve efficiency & ROI.

Brand Campaigns using Games

Gamified brand campaigns provide the  consumers to engage with a brand in a fun environment . It’s also a great way for gaining  consensual compliant data capture. Being highly interactive, it  improves consumer engagement , builds positive association  with the brand and builds  brand  community which are beneficial in the long term.

Creating exceptional Customer Experience

Customer Engagement

In today’s world, delivering great customer experiences is key to business success. We help in simplifying the processes with right digital tools and technology partners to design the ideal consumer experience to drive higher revenue at optimised cost.

Video Solution

Video, in today’s world, is the most effective link of your business with your customer. And the experience they receive while viewing the video determines your success to convert and retain the customer on a long-term basis.

We help put together the successful Video Strategy for your organization to scale up business.  

The powerful video platform has a host of website & social media video management functions, enhanced streaming quality, enhanced customer analytics and easy Live Streaming capability that will help unleash business across multiple business segments- Learning and Development, Training, Townhalls, Live Events and many more.

Business Gamification

Gamification can bring in a significant improvement to existing engagement tools & practices across organization by creating fun and excitement. It helps in collaboration and brings a competitive element which enhances the execution of the tasks with motivation – be Training , Learning and Development, Onboarding  or Chasing targets in sales.

Online Gaming Channel

We partner OTT & Online Media companies to help conceptualise, develop, deploy and manage Gaming Channel as a Stand -alone section. This creates a higher level of engagement, increased pageviews & time spent for greater Ad Revenue. 

We also help identify games that will create greater consumer insights and improve consumer data profiles.

Creating Customer Loyalty & Life time value.

Customer Retention

We help create strategies around customer retention to help build customer loyalty and a life time value through data driven insights, behavioural analytics, real time audience segmentation and personalised experiences.

Omnichannel Retetntion Suite

Easily organize, monitor, and collaborate on metrics that matter most to your business in one view

– Unify data for a single customer view

– Get actionable, data-driven insights

– Orchestrate highly personalized campaigns

– Drive long-term user retention and revenue growth

Gamified Loyalty

Providing a gamified experience in the Loyalty program provides an interactive experience which is exciting, fun and competitive in nature giving  the customer a feeling of accomplishment . It boosts customers engagement , encourages repeat sales, helps building a community.

We help design seamless gamified experiences for customers in a completely customizable and scalable way. 

With our expertise in gamification strategy, business process mapping, strong back-end gamification engine and game design capabilities, we help develop and deploy a program that truly engages target audience to achieve a series of goal-oriented tasks through a self-driven motivation to excel. 

Marketing Automation with Data Analytics

A real time analysis of customer intent leads to a better Customer Experience 

Our technology solution works on key success  factors :

– Profiling the target customers real time with dynamic criteria,  Data  correlation  across multiple sources to find the Most Effective Attributes (MEA) for the Campaign design.

– Measure effectiveness of the campaign  with real time  response tracking and identification of attributes that augmented the campaign real time.

It helps to create a meaningful engagement  with the customers and personalize the customer experience and improving customer retention.


D2C e-Commerce

Whether you are launching your eCommerce business from scratch or already have a website, technical competence and delivering a good customer experience is imperative.

Leveraging our extensive domain experience, we work with you to help create the ecommerce roadmap for your brand: Identify & integrate the best ecommerce platforms, Warehouse, Logistics  and Order Management Solutions for seamless customer experience.

Webstore Creation and Marketplace Management

We work with you to understand your business objectives for ecommerce , expansion plan and based on that we help strategize, plan  and  execute for  Web presence : Own D2C  Webstore , Presence on Marketplaces (Domestic/ International).

– Own Webstore: We help in end to end Solutioning – from Conceptualizing, Designing, UI & UX

– Marketplace Management: As managed Services we  help in onboarding  and documentation ,cataloguing and account management  across market places.

Shoppable Videos and Live Commerce

Interactive Video plays a vital role in D2C commerce . Statistics and data have shown that Interactive and Shoppable Videos on ecommerce  and D2C websites facilitate the consumer journey and  drive higher conversions   Be it the product Videos that can help answer shoppers questions and influence a buying decision or be it a brand story telling or engaging through a live event.

eCommerce Operations

We help in and end to end Strategy , Solutioning and Managed Services for  eCommerce Operations  

– Inventory Management (Unified Inventory across Channels)

– Order Management – Return/ Exchange (Multiple Channel)

– Warehouse  and Logistics Management (Multiple Warehouse)

– Customer Support 

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